Thursday, June 30, 2011

How To Be A Cheesy Blogger In Two Easy Steps

Welcome to the inaugural Cheesy Blogger post!  Tah-dah!  Wait!  Don't leave!  It's gonna be good.  You'll like it.

We asked our dear friend Jacqui of chicktuition to start us off on the right foot.  She's fun, hilarious, and clever as hell.  By our definition, this makes her the ultimate "cheesy blogger."

She sent us her genius post, and here it is for y'all to enjoy!

*     *     *

How To Be A Cheesy Blogger In Two Easy Steps

I was honored when Marianna Annadanna, SarcasmInAction, and Angela asked me to write the inaugural post to get this cheeseball of awesomeness rolling. I was also a little nervous. It's one thing to embarrass myself on my own blog.  But, these are some seriously talented...and really cheesy...chicks.

They wanted me to write about what makes me a cheesy blogger. As part of my research on this topic...ok, let's be honest, it was actually all of my research on this topic... I looked up the word 'cheesy' on

cheesy (chee-zee) adj.-
1. Of or like cheese.
2. Inferior or cheap, chintzy.

I easily meet the criteria described in the first definition. In fact, two of the most searched terms used to find my blog are 'cheese doodles' and 'cheese sculpture'. I can't tell you why anyone would want to google these things. But, believe me...they are. A lot.

So, go ahead and put a check mark by the first definition.

As for the second one...inferior, cheap, chintzy...well, let's just say I am the second definition. If you've ever read anything I've ever written anywhere, you are already painfully aware of this.

I'm pretty sure the second definition is what made them think of me.

*     *     *

Thanks to Miss Chicktuition for her help and her humor.  Next time someone else can be our guest poster!  Find out how here

Leave a comment or email us anytime, and stay tuned for more fun and cheesy stuff flying in your direction.  You might want to wear a raincoat or something.  It's hard to get cheese out of your hair. 

PS - Jacqui, I know we asked you to write about 200 words.  It was 201.  But that's ok. We're not word nazis.  Yet.