Friday, July 22, 2011

The $20.00 Kiss

Today's kissing story is another one guaranteed to make you go "Awww" yet again.  I know I did.  It makes you think about how precious some certain, seemingly "small" moments in life can be.

A BIG thank you to Jenn for sharing!  Check out her FAB blog over at  Fox in the City

The Cheesy Goddesses here have put out the call for posts about first kisses and I am once again responding . . . and once again I am blatantly ignoring their rules and writing a post about a kiss but not my first. Nope, the kiss I am going to write about actually netted me $20! Sweet eh?!

Join me now as I journey back to when I was a teenager . . . so really it was just a couple of years ago . . . or more. I was over visiting my Grandparents because I totally rocked as a granddaughter and I went over to visit pretty regularly.

My Grandparents had a relationship similar to one you see in sitcoms . . . grouchy, cranky and occasionally rude husband similar to Archie Bunker and a sweet, acid tongued wife who would happily share her harshest views on you whenever she felt like it. They bickered but in that We have been married for over 50 years so we can act the way we want because we are totally not going anywhere sort of way.

Don’t ask me to remember what it exactly was that my Grandfather said but it was something insulting about my Grandma. My response to him was simply "Yeah, but you gotta love her!". That stopped him in his tracks and he turned to me, laughing all the while and said he totally agreed with me.

It was a great moment between my Grandpa and I, one that I cherish even more now that he is gone.

I can hear you now, wondering when the hell I am going to get to the whole kissing part . . . patience my dears, patience.

Shortly after, I got up to leave and head back home. Just before leaving I gave each of my Grandparents a great big hug and a kiss and headed out the back door. As I came around to the front of the house, there was my Grandpa sprinting out the front door. Seriously, he was not much of a sprinter what with the large Santa-like belly he sported at his front.

Totally caught off guard I asked if everything was okay. Grandpa came over to me, hugged me and placed $20 in the palm of my hand. The only thing he said to me was "You will never know how much that kiss meant to me."

To this day I still tear up a bit when I think of that. I am so grateful that I took the moment to kiss them both.


WOW!  Thanks again Jenn!