Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Quick, Kamikaze First Kiss.

To help wrap up our week of kissing and telling, today's post is from a blogger named Ashes who reached out to Cheesy Blogger with her own kissing story.  It's a super cute tale of a nerve wrecking first kiss that turned into a happily ever after story.  God I love those kind of stories.

Enjoy Ashes' kiss and tell, then go check out her blog, Up From the Ashes.


Hi, my name is Ashes. I try and keep up with my blog Up From the Ashes at

Okay so I'm a little nervous. I've never really been part of a group like this so, please regard me kindly... wait, that's a Japanese phrase damn. Well you get the idea.

So I want to share my story for the people who got reactions to their first kiss that wasn't the reaction they expected.

Coming from a SUPER strict christian household I was sorta taught: Kissing=Babies! so no Kissing! Not that I would've kissed anyone to begin with. First of all, I was way too pragmatic a teenager to do that. Second of all, boys were my buds not mating prospects.

Then I met him and nothing was ever the same. His name was Jex and he had blue eyes filled with lightning and the kind of cocky grin that pulled me in like nothing else. As our relationship progressed I found out that he was a little too chivalrous for my own good. Oh yes, he was freaking Galahad. I despaired that he would ever kiss me.
So I had to take things into my own hands or I was going to explode.

My chance came sooner than I thought. We were talking one day and he was illustrating something that had happened to him recently and told me to pucker up as part of the illustration. Ha HA!
I did as asked and before he had a chance to get whatever point across he was trying to convey I gave him a quick kamikaze kiss. I was very proud of myself, my first kiss was a sneak attack and I didn't miss!
Jex, however, was not very happy with me. "Why did you do that?!" He was aghast and a little angry.
"Well, we've been dating for almost a year. And I really really wanted to kiss you, but you didn't seem like you were ever going to instigate it so...." I started to explain, a little shakily because 'anger' was not the reaction I was going for. Joy, a smile, awkwardness maybe but not anger. My little 19 year old heart was broken, why didn't my boyfriend want to kiss me?
"But you just ruined it!" Jex huffed.
My cluelessness slightly surpassed my heartbreak at this point. "Ruined what?"
"Your dream! You wanted to have your first kiss on your wedding day!" Jex was back to being his usual calm self but he was still glaring daggers at my forehead.
To this day we still argue about where he got this ridiculous idea. He still insists that it was me and not one of his ex's that had this ideal. I still have no idea where this came from.

Despite this first kiss backfiring on me, Jex and I got married after novel worthy drama.


Thanks so much for sharing Ashes!!!