Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sometimes Pizza Hut is REALLY appealing

I love summer and I love dinner on a summer patio. 

Oddly, my local Pizza Hut has this little patio with some cute red plastic chairs.  It's funny how a patio in the summer somehow makes a restaurant more appealing, even if it is a greasy pizza place overlooking a dirty parking lot, a giant bank, and an old coffee shop. 

Wait.  What am I talking about?

Right.  Pizza.

Suzi over at Amid The Melange emailed us an adorable blog post to fit in with this week's writing prompt "Fun Food Stories."  And it's about pizza. 

She said she "stumbled" upon Cheesy Bloggers and thought we were "pretty funny."

Um. Thanks?


Dragonflies Don't Eat Cheese Pizza

So we're driving down the road and pass a gas station that happens to have several U-Haul trucks parked in the front. Not a terribly odd situation, but my mind takes the most random turn as I immediately think I want cheese pizza. Apparently, the orange in the U-Haul logo reminds me of the orange in the Little Caesar's pizza box. Ergo, I MUST HAVE CHEESE PIZZA.

Over to Little Caesar's we head and after a brief wait, my husband returns with a pizza box filled with the most delicious smelling food ever discovered. Shortly thereafter, I'm startled by a loud buzzing sound indicating that we had a stow-away traveling with us. I was a little relieved to discover that it was not a serial killer with a chainsaw in the back seat, but a gigantic dragonfly randomly buzzing at an alarmingly high volume.

Not only was this disturbing on a creepy, bug-in-my-car level, but it also made me fearful to open the pizza and start munching on the drive home. I knew that the evil dragonfly would just loooooove the chance to taste my delicious cheese pizza and I wasn’t sharing.

As it turns out, I had very little to worry about. After consuming a good portion of my pizza, I was compelled to Google dragonfly diets. As it turns out, they’re not very interested in cheese pizza after all.


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