Friday, July 8, 2011

UPDATED: You Know How There's Sometimes A Giveaway of Really Cool Stuff and You're All, "Meh, No Thanks. I Don't Need Awesome, Free Things"? Yeah, Me Neither. Who Turns Down *That* Kind of Offer??

We're taking it upon ourselves to extend the deadline for this contest.  We feel that you guys are not fully appreciating the free-ness and easy-ness and awesome-ness of this event.  You now have two extra days to enter.  So get your butts in gear.  Also, this post written by Miss Sarcasm is hilarious, so you should read it either way


So, with our Cheesy Blogger community launch, we wanted to offer up some giveaway prizes to motivate fellow bloggers to get involved, join in on the fun, and get to know a little about us cheesy women.  We each came up with an item we would purchase and include in the giveaway, and if you've been paying attention, there's THREE of us, so in everyday math language, you're getting THREE FREE THINGS.  For free.  Shipped to you.  Freely.  For nothing but reading and having fun.  (Hopefully.)
These AHmazingly free things are:

A cheesy Wisconsin tshirt 


 A cheesy pair of Canada loungy pants (click to enlarge.  People, there are MOOSE on them!)    
Cat not included.  I don't think.  That may or may not be negotiable.

And to complete your comfy, cheesy lounge look, a water bottle.  That you can take zombie hunting.

There are many, and I mean MANY uses for this ensemble of greatness (that's free, did I mention that already?).

1.  Get all dressed up.  Grab bag of chips.  Sit on couch and channel surf.
2.  Get all dressed up.  Grab bag of chips.  Tweet all day.
3.  Get all dressed up.  Go to Walmart.  End up on
4.  Get all dressed up.  Eat some chips.  Go back to bed.
5.  Get all dressed up.  Grab bag of chips.  Take your kids to school and embarrass them in public in front of their friends.
6.  Get all dressed up.  Skip the chips fatty, the pants won't fit if you keep this up... and head to your local governmental offices and proclaim the annexation of Wisconsin to Canada, thereby making a new territory, hereby known as Canadaconsin.  Or Wiscanada.  Your choice.  Also declare yourself king/queen of this new state.
So you can clearly see, not only is it a complete and free ensemble, you're automatically and officially appointed royalty and can make all sorts of proclamations and declarations and junk.  This is like, the best. giveaway. ever.

Now, head on over to our Play a Game! page to find out the details and see what it takes to enter in this giveaway of holy awesomeness.

PS, if you win, can Marianna, Angela, and I be made heads of state?  I'd personally like to be a Duchess of something.  Like, "Duchess of Online Shopping" would be nice. And we'd like tiaras.  Made of diamonds.  You know, for the people.