Saturday, August 6, 2011

The cheesiest bloggers of all write blogs that don't actually exist

When we first started this little Cheesy Blogger project, our friend Lindsay from It's A Developing Obsession was one of our first supporters.  She emailed us this lovely post about what being a blogger is - cheesy or otherwise. 

She has an adorable blog with lots of fun pictures and you should absolutely go check her out.  If you don't, you'll have 14 years of very bad luck.  And not just hitting-every-red-light-and-sleeping-through-your-alarm-clock bad luck, but like having-all-your-clothes-stolen-and-having-to-go-to-work-naked bad luck.  And that's bad.  TRUST ME. 


Theory: the cheesiest bloggers of all write blogs that don't actually exist.

I began blogging because I was so excited about a secret that I needed a place to write about it. (I was pregnant.) I thought I was brilliant and everyone in the world would someday read my beautiful words and think, “What a wonderful writer!” and the accolades would fall from the sky.

Then Cheesy Blogger founder Angela casually mentioned that I was writing a scrapbook blog, and she was absolutely right. Is the writing decent? I think so. Should anyone who doesn’t already care about my baby (now a toddler) read my blog? No.

No. Hmm.

I can’t deny that a thrilling part of the writing process has fizzled for me, knowing that I’m not writing something that entertains to a mass (or even an imaginary mass) public.

So I’ve been thinking: Start a New Blog! It’ll be clever! And funny! And someday everyone in the world will ready my beautiful cheesy words and those accolades finally will fall!

I looked up clever blog names to see if they were available as dot coms. I thought through a few entertaining posts and began imaginary writing. I designed a few mastheads. My inspiration was back!

I'd write four times per week. I'd comment like a madwoman on other people’s blogs. I'd be clever and hysterically funny. I’d try to make friends (something I’ve NEVER been good at). I’d go to conferences. I’d network. Heck, I’d advertise.

And… fizzle.

Maybe I have what it takes to be great at something. Maybe I don’t. Trying is a choice.

For now, I’m cuddling up with my little scrapbook blog, where I can be cheesy and mushy and photo-heavy for an audience of family and friend(s) and me. And in the meantime, I’ll take pleasure in reading the wonderfully entertaining and excellently cheesy blogs of others like Angela and Marianna Annadanna and SarcasmInAction. I’ll keep dreaming.

There’s always tomorrow.


Lindsay, I love that post!  Thanks for sharing.  Keep the contributions coming. 

And tune in Monday when Miss Sarcasm will prompt us all again with what is likely to be another GENIUS writing prompt.  If it's what I think it is, you all will be very impressed.  Very impressed indeed. 

- Marianna Annadanna