Sunday, August 28, 2011

Injury Week Wrap-Up

Thank you all for sharing your injury stories with us.  I feel a little better about myself knowing that others are as prone to wounds as I am. 

Just in case you're as curious as I am, you may be wondering what the Carpet Story is...  Remember when Jo from Rainbows in Puddles told us her high heals and bad judgement  story?  Well, she also mentioned a story about a carpet attack that I became extremely interested in hearing.  So she wrote it!  Just for me!  Well, and for you.  You should go check it out here

Also, you may recall that I told you about how I had to amputate my left hand...  Well, I've since written the next chapter to that story that you may or may not want to read.  Just as fair warning, a friend told me I should "disclaim" said chapter by saying that you may find it "too graphic".  If you're a pathetic baby sensitive person, proceed with caution.  But read it anyway, chickenshit.

And stay tuned this week to gain inspiration from another awesome writing prompt and to read other cheesy bloggers who totally deserve some attention.  All the cool kids are doing it.