Friday, September 2, 2011


Hello Cheesy friends!

In the spirit of our popularity theme, we're doing something fun.  SO READ THIS!  WE DARE YOU. 

I'm sure everyone can remember a time in school, or at work, or with your kids, in which popularity was an issue.  In our day, there was no singing and dancing tv show that taught kids to embrace their differences. It wasn't even a little bit cool to be different.  It was a death wish.   

That's essentially what being a Cheesy Blogger is about.  Not about death wishes.  About having a space that is free of judgement to link up with other bloggers, and SPREAD CHEESE. 

In our case, "cheese" represents laughs, or insights, or good vibes, or just comfort in numbers.  Or curds.  We like curds. 

But to spread cheese you have to really work at it.  It ain't easy.  And maybe not everyone is cut out for it.  But we think you are.  We have faith in you.

So here is our CHALLENGE to you.  It has 5 steps.  Think you can handle 5 steps?  Don't be chicken.

1) Find TWO blogs you've never read before.  (Blogrolls are good for that.)
2) Make a meaningful comment!
3) Tell the author that you CHALLENGE them to do the same.
4) And then tell them, should they choose to accept, that they can come to the Cheesy Bloggers Play A Game! page ( and link up one of their own awesome blog posts.
5) Wait patiently for us to randomly choose a winner from the list of links to win our amazing original Cheesy Blogger tote bag.

Just copy and paste this list of steps and you're good to go!

This Challenge will self-destruct in two weeks, so you have until Friday, September 16, 2011 to fulfill your obligations and LINK UP on our Play a Game! page. 

C'mon.  You can do it! ( I always think of Rob Schneider when I say that.)