Friday, September 9, 2011

Go To School, Momma!

Good day, cheesy bloggers!! Theresa from A Mountain Momma sent us a beautiful guest post called, "Go To School, Momma."  Take a look:

*     *     *

Today was Day 2 of Grad School.

O.M.G. Grad School!

Lala went for her orientation for Kindergarten.

O.M.G. Kindergarten!

Little Em is on Day 4 of Daycare.

O.M.G. Daycare!

I am very tired after 2 days of waking the girls up early and shuffling everyone off to here and there. I have cried thinking about Lala navigating the halls of kindergarten and Little Em holding her own in daycare.

Cried more than once.

Okay, lots.

However, I had a pretty big frickin smile on my face yesterday. I met some of my new classmates, went to class, had lunch with a friend, went to the bookstore, tramped all over campus. I was hot and tired and busy. And it was awesome.

For all the crying and adjusting to this new era of our lives, I know we will all be the better for it.

*     *     *

Thanks, Theresa! Remember, every one, fame and fortune, and maybe some fine aged cheddar, can all be yours, if you send us a guest post.  We still want to read your awesome "Back To School" stories!  Link up below or email to join in the fun.

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