Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Open Letter to the Children

One of our cheesy friends Miss Elle from Spill the Beans recently wrote this thoughtful court summons open letter to her darling children, cleverly named after Starbucks. She also writes all kinds of other awesome tidbits, and so you need to go check out her blog. 

Also, don’t you DARE forget to send your open letter(s) to CheesyBloggers@gmail.com . We will be pleased as punch to feature your ingenuity for all other cheesy readers to enjoy.


Dear Venti, Grande and Tall,

Your goal is to make us completely crazy, isn’t it? No, seriously. Did someone take you all aside and tell you this is your mission? I’m inclined to believe that is the case, based on the evidence provided to us daily. Oh yes, I have evidence. Allow me to show it to you:

Exhibit A- Bickering with each other as enemies all day, only to become best friends when sent to your rooms for time apart.

Exhibit B- Complaining when its time to complete the same 2 chores you are given every single day. And yet? The moaning, the groaning.

Exhibit C- Dissolving into frustrated tears when told to work on your summer reading assignments.

Exhibit D- Whining about being booooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeedddddddd(!) almost every single day and yet, shooting down every suggestion to play basketball, go on the trampoline, ride bikes, go on a scavenger hunt!

In conclusion, we can’t wait for you all to go back to school. We’ll think of you the whole time we’re at our celebratory breakfast. xoxoxo

Your Parental Units


Thank you Elle! It seems like maybe you should call a lawyer. You have a pretty solid case, as far as I can tell. Maybe Ang can help you out!