Monday, September 12, 2011

An open letter

Hello Cheesy friends!

We've all been known to write a letter to someone (or something or some place) when we're feeling happy, or inspired, or down right pissed off.

We may not always send these letters, but I think it helps to post them, hoping that one day the object of our happiness/inspiration/utter frustration will read our words and heed our message.

This is my open letter for today.   To my friend the Hungry Hobo.

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-Marianna Annadanna


An open letter to the Hungry Hobo:

Dear Hobo:

I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. I’m sorry you can’t get back on your feet. You seem like a nice guy.

When Hubby and I emerged from our fancy anniversary steak dinner last night and you approached us, we weren’t afraid or offended. You seemed polite and we sympathized with you.

When you asked us for our doggie bag, we weren’t sure. We had SO been looking forward to enjoying our steak, mushrooms, and rice a second time. It was a real perk for us. We were particularly pleased that we would get a second meal for the absurd $130 we paid.

But there we were, standing outside a steak restaurant, dressed up in fancy clothes, and on our way to get a delicious Beaver Tail for desert.

And there you were. You weren’t even asking for money. Just food.

So of course you could have it. Enjoy the steak and have a good night.

Hubby and I felt pretty good about it. We felt guilty that we are so privileged. We were happy to help in some small way.

We met another hobo on the street. He made a speech about how he was having a hard time and thanks for not pretending he was invisible. But we got a totally different vibe. A swindling vibe. A vibe that said “I may look rough, but the cell phone and pack of cigarettes in my hand tells a different story.” We had to pass on this one. We can’t help everyone, and we just gave our dinner away. That was all we could do for today.

And then we were walking back to our car and you, our friend the hungry hobo, approached us again. With your hat out. Asking for spare change.

“Dude. We JUST gave you our dinner.”

“Oh. Yeah. Sorry.”

“Was it good?”

“Uh, yeah.”

I really am sorry. I do feel shitty about the fact that I have so much and you have so little.

But, Man. This is why people resist helping. How did you even eat that meal in under 5 minutes? And you ate all that rice without a fork? This is very curious. Now we wonder if you were some kind of swindler too. Did you not really care about our dinner? Do you get a free steak dinner every night outside that restaurant?

I guess we’ll never know.

Best of luck, enjoy your steak,
Marianna Annadanna


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