Monday, October 3, 2011

Best places to poop and toe hair mohawks. You heard me.

Hey dudes.  It's Marianna Annadanna here with this week's cheesy theme!  And I think you're gonna like it.  In fact, I know you are.  Because who doesn't like a really good LIST

Not us.  Us bloggers like lists.  In fact, we love them.  We'll make a list of pretty much anything. 

We'll make a list of our spouses' dirty habits. We'll make a list of our kids' stupid questions.  We'll even make a list of the best places to poop. 

Ok, I haven't necessarily seen that last one, but I guarantee you it exists somewhere.  And if it doesn't, it SHOULD, because I definitely want to know where people like to poop.

Given my love of lists, a couple of months ago for my 101st blog post I made a wicked-ass list of 101 things that I love.  And trust me, being positive was harder than I thought. 

Since then I've thought of a few more of my favourite things. 

1) Cold feather pillows and fresh sheets.
2) Seedless concord grapes.
3) Vacations, including my upcoming trip to NEW ORLEANS in a week!
4) Being pleasantly surprised by movie because my expectations were so low (Thor, Horrible Bosses).
5) Jimmy Fallon.

And just because I can't help myself, here are a few of the many, many, many, many things that drive me outta my motha-lovin mind

1) Driving, traffic, and all gas/parking/repair-related expenditures.
2) Motion sickness.
3) Cotton balls - worse than nails down a chalkboard, people.
4) Politicians.
5) Hubby's toe hair mohawk. Seriously.

So, I WANT TO POST YOUR LISTS!  Email me at IMMEDIATELY with a link and/or text of your best list.  Or your worst list.  Or a list of your lists.  And if you don't have a list I demand that you write one! Any one! About anything! 

If that isn't enough motivation for you, you should know that my Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend.  Which means you have to be extra nice to me.  God says so.