Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crack cocaine might be the way to go

Another awesome quiz response form our wickedsmart chemist friend Jaime from It's So Fuzzy!  And of course, my highly informed and intelligent analysis.  Of COURSE. 

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Question 1: When was the last time you bought something fun and exciting FOR YOURSELF that cost more than 100 bucks?

C - couple weeks ago I bought some new sweaters (first time in a year) and then within the last year I bought a new laptop and a new camera. Having inheritance money helps, though.... otherwise my $$ seems to mostly get spent on bills and food for the family

SCORE: This is a basic C.  Although inheritance money is a tricky one to evaluate - I know, because I've also been faced with this interesting predicament.  But first-time-in-a-year sweaters don't really count, and I suspect the laptop is for your studies.  The camera is decent.  11 points. 


Question 2: When was the last time you had an uninterrupted 30 minute shower or bath voluntarily? As in, not because you had to wash, but because it was warm and it felt nice.

C - I do this all the fucking time. I live with 2 boys.... my shower time is sometimes the only time I get some time to myself and I don't like being interrupted. It could be an apocalypse rain of fire doom and destruction outside during my shower and I would be blissfully unaware as I lather up my hair.

SCORE: Yes, EXACTLY.  This is precisely what a shower should be.  Effing leave me alone and let me clean myself in PEACE.  104 points. 


Question 3: When was the last time you got dressed up, went out with friends, and drank and laughed and came home late?

A - I don't remember the last time I went out just with the girls and had a good time... it always seems like the bf's end up coming and then it's not so much a girls night. I miss those days.

SCORE: This is a bummer.  A night to let loose once in a while is KEY to life happiness - Ahem, not happiness, TOLERANCE.  Life tolerance.  Minus 63 points. 


Question 4: When was the last time sex was for YOU?

B - I think it was sometime this year.. I really don't remember. Between me being tired from school and him being tired from work .. I'm surprised when we do get it on that either of us is even awake for it. I have a feeling snoring isn't so much a turn on.

SCORE:  This is fair.  I'm right there with ya on this one.  It's still a shame though.  Solid B.  33 points. 


Question 5: Have you ever taken a few minutes to enrich YOUR life today?

C - I guess the 5 hours I spend on the bus every day could be considered time for myself. I read my kindle, tweet and listen to music... I feel like I'm in my own little world sometimes.

SCORE: I totally do this on my bus ride too.  However, I don't think you get a C.  Being trapped for 2.5 hours twice a day is WAY too long.  I say it's a high B.  41 points. 


Total score:  126!

This is pretty good! 

I just get the sense, though, that you still feel kinda down.  Totally reasonable, of course, it just seems like you should be more excited about your C's.  C's are something to be proud of in this case!

But feeling good needs to be an intentional effort most of the time. 

So, my advice?  Find something that really makes you happy, and make a conscious effort to DO IT.  Monthly pedicures, or weekly joint marital back massages, or a crack cocaine addiction.  Something that is just for you, and no one else, and that doesn't feel like a chore.  (Although a crack cocaine addiction could be considered a chore, so maybe think about that.)