Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Grand Finale Ménage à Trois

It's finally here! The Grand Finale to our week of "how to get greedy" quizes.  AND IT'S A GOOD ONE.  My fellow Cheesy Blogger founders MIss Sarcasm and MIss Angela have joined me in a very special three-way.  We all graded each other's quizes and you'll just have to read it to see who won!

Question 1: When was the last time you bought something fun and exciting FOR YOURSELF that cost more than 100 bucks?
A - When I was a teenager working at Blockbuster.
B - When my parents gave me $100 bucks from their latest bingo winnings.
C - Last week, and it wasn't even just alcohol.
Question 2: When was the last time you had an uninterrupted 30 minute shower or bath voluntarily? As in, not because you had to wash, but because it was warm and it felt nice.

A - Um, what is a shower?
B - The last time my husband/kids left me alone for one goddam day.
C - I do this a lot, it's the only way I CAN GET THE EFF AWAY FROM THEM.

Question 3: When was the last time you got dressed up, went out with friends, and drank and laughed and came home late?

A - When I turned drinking age, or at my bachelorette party.
B - At my last birthday.
C - Last week because I finally got a babysitter and managed not to pass out at 8pm.

Question 4: When was the last time sex was for YOU?

A - Not applicable, I don't like sex.
B - Sometime this year I think.
C - It wasn't that long ago and I remember it clearly - i.e., I wasn't even that drunk.

 Question 5: Have you ever taken a few minutes to enrich YOUR life today?

A - Does playing with my kids count?
B - I got a pedicure last month.
C - I rest for a least a few minutes each day. A few deep breaths, some yoga, the gym, a book, some writing, etc.

Marianna’s Total Score:
Fuck. I need a calculator. Hold on….. 782.3 I’m figuring high points are good. SO YOU WIN! Unless my point total is better. Which would be WAY more awesome.

Miss Sarcasm’s Total Score:
171 points. Even though I made up the numbers in a totally random fashion, I say that’s pretty darn good!

Ang’s Total Score:
296 well-earned points! Excellent score. Buy yourself something fun/pretty though.  SOON.  And you should know by now how important it is to listen to me.  I am a genius, afterall.