Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I AM The Crazy Cat Lady

GeishaGirl, at Thoughts From My Inner Diva Dragon, gives us some insight on what it REALLY means to be a “crazy” cat lady.  Doesn’t sound too bad to me!

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I recently found the blog Cat Vs Human ( and it justified everything that is me regarding animals.  I have been an avid cat lover since I was born, truly.  My love of cats was specified by the fact that we had a blue-point siamese for our family pet since before I was born.  She was the first family member I ever lost and her personality and love stays with me to this day.

We have always had cats in my house and I only went for about a year without any animals in my domicile.  However, during that time I did work at a veterinary hospital, so I was in contact with animals still.

Funny thing . . . I found out right after my time working at the veterinary hospital that I am allergic to both cats and dogs, but I continue to have animals in my life (and just take meds to live with them).

Right now I have 3 wonderful siamese cats that rule my life.  But that's not all.  We also have 2 guinea pigs.  If you have never seen guinea pigs and cats together you should - it's a fun time :).  We let our guinea pigs roam around free sometimes, but they mostly stay in their cages.

Here's the rundown of the pets in our household right now:
- Vader (Darth) - black male guinea pig
- Fett (Boba) - tan & white male guinea pig
- Ayanami Rei (Mama) - lynx point female siamese
- Cortex (Dad) - seal point male siamese
- Inara (Daughter) - lynx point female siamese.

We have a busy house, just as I have a busy life.  I wouldn't have it any other way though - much to my husband's dismay sometimes.

But that's not all.  Well, that's all there is right now, but in the past we have also had frogs, anoles, and bearded dragons.  In the future, when we have a house of our own instead of living in apartments and with other people, we want a dog (Pembroke Welsh Corgi to be specific) and a Russian tortoise.  Our house will be a menagerie where people can come to be surrounded by animals - or so I joke now.  I think we will always be outnumbered animals to humans, but not having any just isn't as interesting or fun of a life.

I hope this give some insight to why I am a complete and total cat lady.  I'll let you know if our menagerie ever truly gets going!

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Thanks for sharing, GeishaGirl!  

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