Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm doing you a favour here, Carm. Understand?

You guys are so amazing.  BEST BLOGGIES EVER.  All of your answers to our cheesy quiz are WICKED and I love you. 

Our darling friend Carm from A Life Less Ordinary sent me her "outside-the-box" answers.

By "outside-the-box" I mean she was too damn particular to actually answer WITHIN the parameters provided.  A, B, or C were too "restricting" for Carm, so she had to pick D.  FOR EVERY SINGLE ANSWER.  Which, in theory, should be an automatic FAIL simply for disrespecting the original quiz.  DISRESPECT.  Whatever, Carm.  WHATEVER.  I'll score you anyway.  Just because I'm good at it and you deserve my infinite wisdom just like the rest of these fine people. I guess.

Question 1 SCORE: It seems that this answer is between an A and a B.  A and a half.  You obviously suck at buying stuff for yourself.  I  think the next thing you buy for yourself should be an alphabet book so you can learn that the three most important letters are A, B, and C.  D isn't even in the top 3.  Actually, not even in the top 6 - obviously X, Y, and Z are next.  Oh, and everyone loves LMNOP.  So, basically, D is the worst.  Minus 178 points. 

Question 2 SCORE: This is a B and a half.  And aren't you just so damn clever?  I'm glad you locked the bathroom door though.  Lock those effers OUT.  In fact, come to think of it, you should have somehow locked THEM in there, because then you get free-run of the whole house.  51 points. 

Question 3 SCORE: Yes, you are a little party mama, eh?  I love it.  I guess I have to admit that this is kinda a real D.  FINE.  YOU WIN.  113 points.

Question 4 SCORE: Ok, this is a like an A, but worse.  I change my advice from the first question.  I think you may need to buy some sex.  You'll feel better.  Promise.  Pity 3 points.

Question 5 SCORE: Yes. 121.

Wow.  Somehow you ended up with 110 points.  Which I really don't think you deserve, but whatever. 

My overall advice? You are awesome and you need to change nothing. 

Except maybe you should use some of that drunken energy to track yourself down some sex.  This is important. 

Oh, and maybe also watch some Sesame Street - they're good at teaching ABCs.

Also, since you said you were up for my analysis, I have one more thing to add:  I get the sense that you need to go a little easier on yourself.  Try to channel the pre-kids life every now and then find something fun to lighten your day.  xo