Friday, November 18, 2011

It's hard to score a memory problem...

Before I get to tonight’s quiz responses, I have to update you on Carm, who told me that she actually did finally have sex. Which of course I take FULL credit for. 

Also, you’d better not be sick of this yet because YOU HAVE TO TUNE IN TOMORROW. My fellow co-founders have each answered the quiz with me and we will all be scoring EACH OTHER. It’s a THREE-WAY, people. C’mon.

Ok, so here we go. Tonight I have the responses of not one, not two, but THREE amazing gals.

First, Ashes from Adventures of a Little Light
Second, Lauren (formerly known as Elle P) from Spill the Beans
Third, Lizbeth over at Four Sea Stars


Question 1: When was the last time you bought something fun and exciting FOR YOURSELF that cost more than 100 bucks?

Ashes: I guess a plane ticket to a concert I've wanted to see for the last 9 years counts. I got to spend 3 whole days with a friend from japan, run around the museum of natural history like a punk, and meet members of a band I've loved since high school. Yup. Fun and Exciting.... and definitely over 100 bucks.

Lauren: C: - OMG, WAIT until you hear this! So I went to the Kate Spade outlet (swoon) and saw this purse that I L-O-V-E-D online last year, right there on the shelf. It was as if the clouds parted, a ray of sun shone directly upon it, while the angels of heaven were singing. It was originally $225 BUT was on sale! It was 40% off, plus I had an additional 10% off coupon. Awesome!!! I was still trying to decide if I wanted to commit, when one of the sales people came over on the sly and whispered, "That purse is an additional secret 40%." Me: "SOLD!" I got that purse for $73 plus tax. Hot damn! That totally counts, right? I should get extra points for such an amazing deal! (This will come in handy for question 4.)

Lizbeth: D- OMG, I can't remember. Seriously, I CAN'T REMEMBER.

SCORE: Ashes totally wins this with a decent C - she completely treated herself! Lauren, you come in second, but I don’t think you would have bought it without the deal, so I say B. Lizbeth, that’s an A – a nasty-ass dirty A.    109, 47, -80.


Question 2: When was the last time you had an uninterrupted 30 minute shower or bath voluntarily? As in, not because you had to wash, but because it was warm and it felt nice.

Ashes: I'm going to have to go with C - I do this a lot, it's the only way I CAN GET THE EFF AWAY FROM THEM. "Them" being the dog and the dishes.

Lauren: B - Sigh. I don't actually remember. With all of these boys, I feel like I live in a frat house and feel like my master bathroom is the common area. Perhaps I should lock the door...

Lizbeth: D- OMG, I can't remember.

SCORE: Ashes wins again – clearly she’s the most well-rounded individual among all of us. I think Lauren is kidding herself with the B – this sounds like an A if I’ve ever heard one. Lizbeth? C’mon girl.    78, -45, -65.


Question 3: When was the last time you got dressed up, went out with friends, and drank and laughed and came home late?

Ashes: Hmmmm.... Hmmmmmm....... HHHHMMMMMMM.... maybe 3 years ago? *counts fingers* Yup 3 years ago. Kinda doesn't help that most of my friends have scattered since then. Yay military community... yay....

Lauren: C – (Closest answer) About 3 weeks ago, I got all dressed up, went into Philly and spent a girls' night out with my cousins. We even played beer pong! (Never mind the fact that they are younger than me and had to TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY. What? I was a good girl.) Anyway, we had so much fun. I almost spent the night but ended up driving the hour home and got in around 1:30 a.m. Totally worth it.

Lizbeth: A - When I turned drinking age, or at my bachelorette party. I think. I don't remember that either.

SCORE: Ok Ashes, that’s an A, but the military aspect is tricky, so it’s a gentle A. Lauren, that is so awesome! A well-deserved C! And Lizbeth… well, I’m worried about you – you might have a memory problem.    1, 94, -54.


Question 4: When was the last time sex was for YOU?

Ashes: Ummmm... last Wednesday. Because I had to go without for 4 weeks.

Lauren: Can this be an optional question? Kind of like bowing out of Biology class when it was time to dissect a frog? Only because I don't want to talk about my sex life online. Except to say that I do have one. :)

Lizbeth: D- OMG, I can't remember.

SCORE: Ashes, this is good! I call it a C. Lauren, of course you can bow out. Given that you *have* a sex life, I call that a solid B. Lizbeth, honey, I think we need to talk.    69, 32, I’d rather not say.


Question 5: Have you ever taken a few minutes to enrich YOUR life today?

Ashes: Does playing video games count? No? Then my blogging time is my enrichment time. I get to read and enjoy the other bloggers in my sphere and type out whatever is screaming from the top of my head. My life feels richer for it anyways. (^_^)

Lauren: B-ish. On Sunday, I went to my favorite spa and had a 2 HOUR long massage. It was glorious. I don't do it very often, however I got a great deal. I always, always, always look for promos. Today, I will be getting my hair cut and colored- I am 33 and should not have gray hair! Damn genetics. I plan to bring my nook and revel in the silence while my hair is processing. I can't remember the last time I was able to read something that isn't on a backlit screen.

Lizbeth: B - I got a pedicure about 5 years ago. Does eating cheese balls on the way to school count? I thought so.

SCORE: Ashes, video games count if you like them, and blogging counts too if it isn’t a chore, so C! Lauren, this sounds glorious. I’m so jealous that I’m tempted to score you negative 1000, but I won’t. C! Lizbeth, given your obvious memory problems, I offer you a C for the cheese balls. You are speaking to the RIGHT PERSON about cheese.   73, 114, 602.


My final scores and advice for these lovely ladies?

Ashes you’re the most well-adjusted blogger I’ve come across yet. Congrats. 330 points. But next time you go to see a band, I WANT TO COME! We can take care of the late night drinking too.

Lauren, you’re awesome. 242 for you! But try not to worry *too* much about the “deals” –sometimes it’s refreshing to spend money, even if you don’t have it. It’s therapeutic. Even better, try to spend someone else’s money.

Lizbeth. You’re adorable. 403 points! Best score yet. And all thanks to cheese balls. Try to get another pedicure, though, ok?