Monday, November 7, 2011

Love Me, Love My Pet

Hello, cheesy bloggers! Angela@BeggingTheAnswer here with this week's theme: pets!!!

Now, I don't have a pet at this point in my life (sad, I know.)  But should I get a pet in the nearby future, I'd want it to be a cat based on an experience I had about a year ago. 

We had just moved back to Wisconsin, and I was unpacking some boxes in the basement, when I felt something scurry past my leg.  Thinking it was some kind of rodent, I shrieked and ran upstairs, only to find a large, orange tabby-cat reclining on my sofa.  The cat had a collar, but no tags, so I just put it outside thinking it would go home.  Instead it spent the next six hours meowing on my porch.

My brother-in-law suggested keeping the cat and naming it “Doogie Meowser.”  Unfortunately, the cat left before I could get it to respond to its new name.

Still, if I ever got a cat, I’m totally taking my brother-in-law up on that Doogie Meowser suggestion.  With a name like that, the cat would be OBLIGATED to become the world’s first and youngest cat-doctor, and I’ll be able to retire early and mooch off my cat’s millions.  That is, until the cat throws me in the old-folks home.  But that won’t happen for years.

But enough about me and my hypothetical pets.  I want to hear about you and your (probably) REAL pets.  So link up below.  It'll be fun!!!  And of course, email to have your post (and pet) featured on our main page!