Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rotting teeth are a PROBELM

Prepare youselves for my extremely intelligent analysis of Diann's quiz responses.  Make sure you read these.  You should really be taking every opportunity to learn something from me.  Seriously, people. 


Question 1: When was the last time you bought something fun and exciting FOR YOURSELF that cost more than 100 bucks?

A - Right now my husband and I are going through a change in our finances so we each have a mental list of things we want to buy with the little extra cash we should have each paycheck. So far this has not gone so well and the things on our lists disappear from our minds as quickly as the paycheck gets spent. I have my eye on a new laptop and/or a Kindle Fire, but also a new sonicare toothbrush, so we'll see what wins first lol. The last thing I bought over $100 just for myself?? I really can't think of anything right now . . . maybe clothes, but that's been quite awhile.

SCORE: Wow.  At least you know you're bad.  I get the finance bit, but seriously? You can't even buy a toothbrush?  THAT'S A PROBLEM.  That thing will just pay for itself in the absence of dentist bills.  Also, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you *may* have a breath problem.  Minus 112 points. 


Question 2: When was the last time you had an uninterrupted 30 minute shower or bath voluntarily? As in, not because you had to wash, but because it was warm and it felt nice.

B - I believe the last time for me was when my husband forced me to stay in the bath and relax, sometime during the summer this year.

SCORE: Ok.  I keep hearing this.  It doesn't really count if someone makes you.  I mean, it's better than nothing, but c'mon.  You have to make the effort yourself.  It doesn't have to be a bath (although it seems like given your tooth-related hygiene habits you could probably use one).  It could be a nap, or a yoga class, or a dentist appointment.  Whatever makes you feel good!  11 points. 


Question 3: When was the last time you got dressed up, went out with friends, and drank and laughed and came home late?

B - In all reality, I don't really remember the last time I truly got dressed up AND drank AND came home late. I've dressed up for work, I've drank at parties, or I've come home late, but not all 3 at once for a long time.

SCORE: Solid B.  I think it makes a difference to do all this at one time.  Drinking is the only one that could really fall off the list, and that's only if you have a really good reason - like the world runs out of alcohol.  And dressing up for work SO DOES NOT COUNT. I give you 37 points for this. 


Question 4: When was the last time sex was for YOU?

B - Right now my husband takes it when he can get it due to my horrendous commute and performance schedule and/or him not feeling well. I'm hoping to change that soon because I don't want to be THAT married couple lol :).

SCORE:  Um, alright.  It shouldn't just be for your husband though - it should be for both of you.  Or even better, forget him entirely.  But I like that you have a goal in mind.  67!


Question 5: Have you ever taken a few minutes to enrich YOUR life today?

C - I've really worked hard on this one . . . a year ago I wouldn't have answered the same (but I still have yet to get myself a pedicure and I've been saying I want one since summer 2010), but I am making small improvements to my life because I NEED to due to the stress that's unavoidable right now.

SCORE: I love this C.  This is an intentional, deliberate, practiced C.  Well earned and well-thought out.  Stress is tough, but it will always be there.  (Especially if the no-alcohol scenario from above were ever to play out.)  I'll toss you a 102 on this one. 


Total score:  105

Nice job Diann.  Despite the fact that I'm worried about the onset of gum disease and tooth decay, I think you have a good handle on things.  My invaluable advice: HAVE SEX.  But make sure you do it when/how/if YOU want to.  (Maybe just borrow someone's toothbrush first, though.) 

Thanks SO much for joining in!