Monday, November 28, 2011

'Tis The Season To Go Shopping

Thanksgiving is over, which can only mean one thing.... Christmas shopping season begins!

Feel free to either join me in celebration with a peppermint mocha, or shoot me for gleefully announcing the inevitable.

Shopping at any time of the year can be a joyous occasion and/or fraught with peril.

For me, the older I get the less fun shopping becomes.  This tends to happen when shopping becomes an exercise in sadly watching your bank account dwindle while two screaming children hang from your arms.  So I finally did what I say I’m going to do every year and spread out my Christmas shopping all year long.  It’s a far cry from the days of yore when I’d head out on black Friday for a day-long shop-a-thon.  

On the plus side, when you shop online, you get to stay in your pajamas and there’s very little threat of getting trampled.  On the negative side, as our friend Marianna learned, shopping online can have its own aggravations and asshattery when your order is shipped incorrectly, or NOT SHIPPED AT ALL.

Besides, going out means you might find something unexpected, such as a, well, a mysterious something shaped like a reproductive organ in the parking lot.  Trust me, I know.

So, all this leads to this week’s prompt.  We want your SHOPPING STORIES, Black Friday or otherwise.  Do you love shopping?  Hate it?  Any hilarious shopping-related escapades to regale us with?  Share, share, share!  We love to hear from you.  Link up below or email to have your post featured on our main page.