Saturday, December 17, 2011

Check out Diann's Drawers

Dianna, aka GeishaGirl sent us a pic of one of her desk drawers at work.
She has challenged us to see if we can figure out what she does for a job based off the contents of the drawer.
Share your ideas in the comment section below.  Because I have no freaking clue and if you have a good guess I'm going to copy it.
I'm a copy cat.

Thanks so much for sharing Diann!

PS, what are Kimmi and Momiji dolls?


Below is a picture of one of my drawers at work.  It has a compartment in the back (top part with the envelopes) that is made to fit hanging files and file folders, but I use it for deeper storage.  As you can see, I have all the most necessary things such as pink pens, whiteboard wipes, lotion (both scented and non-scented), single-serve Aleve packets, and envelope sealer.  The deeper portion also contains the boxes for my Kimmi doll and Momiji doll that sit on my desk.

Based on this drawer . . . what do you think my job title is? 

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