Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's in Marianna's Space? A Whole LOTTA Beauty Products!

Today's photos of awesome spaces come from fellow Cheesy Bloggers co-founder, Marianna Annadana.
She officially rocks my socks off.  FACT.
And although I'd like to drive all the way to her place and snoop through her stuff for real, I guess this will have to pacify me until then.....
By the way, do I need a passport to go to Canada?  Just curious.

Enjoy Marianna's pics!  PS, they were sent from her "kick ass new iPhone."


This is my makeup table!  It's repulsive and highly overstocked. I love it - Hubby made it for me. But fuck, I need to clean that bastard.

I wanted to add this pic. It's of my little black makeup bag that is full of lipsmackers from 8th grade. I'm not kidding.
No, I don't still use them. But they smell like childhood innocence.

Lip Smackers from GRADE 8 woman?  So they're like, what? 6 or 7 years old?
Hee, hee.

Thanks for sharing what's in your space!

Anyone else wanna let us snoop?  Send your pics and stories/captions to us at
You know you wanna air your dirty laundry.  Or, dirty make up table.