Monday, December 12, 2011

What's In YOUR Space?

This week's theme is going to rely on a LOT of reader participation.
*Please? said with begging whimper*

I have this weird...."thing" where I'm super nosy and want to know what people have.  I love driving down a street at night at catching a glimpse into someone's house.  I love looking at real estate listings to see people's belongings. Don't get me wrong, I'd never actually go through your stuff when I'm in your home.  That'd be rude. However, if everyone in the world disappeared except for me, I'd go through your things.  Guaranteed.

So this week's cheesy topic allows me to be nosy without being rude.

I'm asking you, cheesy readers and bloggers. to snap pics of a place in your home or office that other people normally don't see, but you'd be willing to share.  I'm talking desk drawers, file cabinets, bathroom cabinets, nightstands, wallets, purses, car trunks and glove compartments, refrigerator, pantry, any place..... be creative.  Everything is fair game.
Take some pics and email us at  Include any story or written description you'd like.
Let me see what's in your space.

To start us off, check out my two nightstand drawers.  Nothing too shocking to be found.  I keep the good stuff where the kids can't find it.....

Top drawer.  Books, glasses case, hidden prescription bottle, and phone charger

Bottom drawer. More books and another phone charger. Exciting stuff.

Now, how about one of my home computer desk drawers?

Tons of cords, ear buds, iPod, chap stick, post it notes, highlighters, safety pins, lone earring, Noodle and Company gift card,  random Barbie shoe and toy turtle, butterfly hair clip, movie rental store card.

Clearly I'm highly organized and efficient in home storage.