Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Sick Can Be Funny, Right? RIGHT?

Hi there! Angela@BeggingTheAnswer here with this week's theme:  Getting sick, illness, and medicine in general.

You see, since the new year began, each of my family members have gotten sick.  We've seen colds, sinus infections and croup make their rounds between family members, which reminds me of a post I wrote when I got a cold last year...

*     *     *

My Sunday went along the lines of:

Mbfmmbgfzmmbfd.... Wonderful Husband lets me sleep in so I can dream I became a member of Congress and for some reason a lot of pancakes are involved.

Wake up.... Hey, I’m awake.

Go to church, come home.... Yay! I did things!

Eat lunch.... I’m on a roll!

All of a sudden.... Hmmmm....kinda sleepy.

Then.... Baby gets sleepy.  Idea!  Hold baby = work.  But then I can sleep = sleep.  Therefore work = sleep.  I’m a GENIUS!

Then.... Baby and I wake up.  Why am I awake?  More important, where is my face? 

Hmmm.... Breathing hurts.  Walking hurts.... Owie.

Make supper.... I’m walking around like a short mucousy Ent. 

After supper.... Weeeee........I’m magic!.........Illness has transplanted my brain to a whole new level of thought and time! I should blog!  And fold laundry! AT THE SAME TIME!

Kids are in bed.... I try to fold laundry.  It’s all crooked because I’m too dizzy to see straight.  I decide to blog instead.  For some reason, it’s really important to post something, even though my line of thought consists generally of “Husband - umbrella - cookie - help me - kitty cat - sparkly - leprechaun - i am writing now like a good writerrrrrrrr.....bmnkihf........ugcfxtd.”

Later.... I publish this gem, gulp down several Nyquil along with my usual sleeping pills, and head to bed. Promptly have disturbing lucid visions every time I close my eyes for the next three hours, before I actually fall asleep.

Monday.... Wake up to find I’m still alive.  Weird.

More Monday.... The fog encircling my head still won’t lighten up. I am more mucous than woman.

Even More Monday.... Things happen.  Probably.  Because it’s now Tuesday.

Today.... Realize I don’t remember anything about Monday.  The mucous ate my brain. Determine mucous = zombies.  Or maybe zombies = mucous. Doesn’t matter, because according to this, I only have a 31% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse anyways.

More Today.... Will head to a medic post-haste, if only because I’ve had a routine physical scheduled since October. Understand they can’t rescue me from this viral 5th layer of Hell, but at least I can complain to a professional. 

Slightly More Today....  Published this post chronicling my experience with the common cold.  Realize it might be poignant or interesting or something if I was actually living with something more serious, like cholera or ummm... bipolar depression.  But no.  I just have a cold.

Cough, hack, cough. The end.

*     *     *

Now it's your turn!  What stories do you have about being sick?  Or going to the hospital?  Or about doctors?  Are you as big of a baby about being sick as I am?  Inquiring minds want to know!  So link up your post below, or email to have your post featured on our main page.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Feeling Peevish....

Pet Peeves.
We've all got them.  Those things that people do that drive us NUTS.
I can't stand when people don't use turn signals when driving.
Or when they chew their food loudly.
Do you whisper/talk during a movie?  I can't stand you.
Do you pick your nose at stop lights?  You are a moron.  A germy moron.
If you don't know the difference between your/you're and their/they're/there.....I'm gonna correct your grammar and call you names.
If you sing loudly to a song and don't actually know the real lyrics, I'll snap at you.
Do you overuse exclamation points?  Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!
Feel the need to comment on a pregnant woman's belly?  "WOW!  You look like you're about to pop!"  "Geez, having twins?"  "Goodness you're big!"  DON'T. FUCKING. DO. IT.

A total lack of consideration for others in public is high on my list.  For instance, I was having lovely lunch with my hubby and Bossy Girl when she was about 2 years old.  Imagine our shock and horror when the couple next to us changed their baby's shitty diaper right on the restaurant table in front of all of us.

Considering my lack of patience with the people of the world in general, I could go on and on with a list of my pet peeves.  BUT, I'd rather hear from you all.

This week's theme is your chance to vent.  Tell me your pet peeves.  Make a list.  Write a story that shows one of your pet peeves in action.  Be creative.  Email us your post at, or link up below.  We'd love to see what you've got to say!!!!!!!!! (see what I did there?  Used one of my pet peeves.  Annoying, right? UGH.)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I hope you don't have a special shoveling method.

Who has a crazy neighbour?

I do! I do! 

Actually, *most* of my neighbours are nice, some are even super fun, but there are inevitable quirks that show up from time to time.  Obsessive compulsive behaviours, for example. 

Last week we got a shit-ton of snow.  Not as much as we're used to up here in the Great White North, but still.  It all came at once.  In one giant dumping on Thursday morning.  The whole sky was white with big fluffy flakes falling at a rapid pace.  I thought it was nuclear winter.

Anyway,  it was falling so fast that there was really no point in shovelling it.  Unless you're crazy.

I was getting ready for work and I pointed out to Hubby the funny neighbour across the street, shovelling away.  Only, the whole driveway was already covered in another layer of snow by the time she got to the end. 

And of course I thought this was HILARIOUS. 

But then Hubby made it even funnier. 

Hubby: "Oh my god. No.  Keep watching.  Watch what she does."

Me:  "Really?  What?"

Hubby: "Just watch."

And I watched, from behind the bedroom curtain my window, while nutbar across the street finished the end of the driveway.  AND THEN STARTED OVER AGAIN. 

She just started at the top.  Again.   

Me: "No!"

Hubby: "She does that all the time!  Watch!  She even has a special method."

Yep.  She sure did.  She first shovelled down a layer, and then over.  And then down, and over.  And so on, until the whole giant driveway was RE-shoveled. 

Which was clearly the funniest thing I'd seen in weeks. 

So I obviously ran downstairs to take a picture.  Obviously. 

I love my neighbours.  But man, sometimes people are nuts. 


Have you got a crazy neighbour story?  Email it to  and I'll post it here for all of us to enjoy. 

Also, please check out this week's Spreadable Cheese.  It's totally worth it.  I'm super clever and I found some funny stuff for y'all to look at.  So go ahead.  Now is good.  Go!

Monday, January 9, 2012

As Seen On TV

I’ve always been fascinated by commercials on late-night tv advertising the latest “As Seen On TV” miracle product.  And by “miracle” I mean great big pile of ridiculousness.

I blog about this from time to time.  My most recent blog post examined the PedEgg, and the possible voodoo curses that could be performed with all those collected foot shavings.  That thing should come with a warning; voodoo is serious business.

Then there’s Colon Flow.

I’m not sure exactly why some one would willingly allow their colon to reach it’s maximum flow capacity, but I do know I would not be wearing all that white while using Colon Flow.

And of course, there’s Pajama Jeans.  Now, I love my jeans, and wear them everywhere except to court (something about competent representation) and weddings (something about not wanting to look like every one’s redneck cousin.)  But I also love yoga pants, and wear them pretty much anytime I can get away with not wearing jeans.  Now, with the aid of Pajama Jeans, I’LL NEVER NEED TO CHANGE MY PANTS AGAIN!!!

And don’t forget the Smart Mop!  Not only is it made from dead sham wows, but you can use the Smart Mop to wipe up a spilled soda, wring it out into an empty glass, and then DRINK THE SODA! Talk about efficient.  And delicious.

So... do you have a favorite “As Seen On TV” product?  Or one that makes you crack-up?  Any one actually OWN these things?  Tell us about it!  Email or link up below to share your story.  If you need some inspiration, check out the spreadable cheese page to see a few more of my favorite infomercials. This is funny stuff, people!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cheesy Blogger Look Alikes!!

Happy 2012 fellow Cheesy Bloggers and Friends!
Miss Sarcasm here with this week's theme.  I hope everyone enjoyed many blessings this past holiday season.
If not, well hey.  Valentine's Day is coming up and hello?  Chocolate.

This week's theme is one I've been excited about doing for a while.  I'm hoping that you all enjoy it and are willing to play along.

We're going to play our very first blogger look alike game.

Let's start with the founders of Cheesy Bloggers.  You know?  The blog you're currently reading......

See Marianna?  Isn't she GORGEOUS?  Who do you think she looks like?
Personally, I think she looks kinda like Leah Remini, from King of Queens.  Remember that show?
SO pretty.

And now you guys?  I'm stumped. 

I can't figure out who Angela OR I look like.  

So there's part of what will be this week's two part challenge. 
 1. Please comment below who you think either Angela or I look like, and provide us with a link to a photo of that person.  
2. Then, if you'd like to particpate even more, please send us a pic of YOU to post at and we'll have our readers, plus Marianna, Angela, and I, tell you who we think your look alike is.  Sound like a plan?  Ready, set, go!

The beautiful Angela from Begging the Answer

Homely little ole' me:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The holidays are traumatizing

The holidays have come to an end.  And I've heard more than one person express pure GLEE at that fact.  And I'm quite certain our cheesy friend DeeAnn from Snippets and Stuff would totally agree.


The Traumatized Tree

Chase holding his cousin, Kayden
Nov. 2010
This is Chase, my second son. He is three years younger than Cody (my son with disabilities), but took on the older brother role early in life. Chase was my easiest child (with the exception of having colic during his first three months). He was obedient, happy, kind and anxious to please. Chase was four years old when I was pregnant with Casey, son number three. I had morning sickness around the clock and Chase would entertain himself by playing Legos, putting together puzzles, coloring, and watching Sesame Street or Pee Wee's Playhouse (I know. I know.) Yep. He was pretty much my angel child.....except for one incident that occurred when he was around six years old.

The month was December, and Don and I had taken the boys to one of many Christmas Tree Farms in Oregon. That year we picked out a Noble Fir and even paid extra money to have it flocked. Sometime, after we decorated the tree but before Christmas, I was persuaded to have a Tupperware Party at my house. I remember afterward, as we were cleaning up, my husband walked into the room, stood right in front of the beautiful, decorated Christmas tree and proceeded to make conversation with me and the Tupperware lady. Out of nowhere, Chase walked up to his dad as if he wanted to ask him something, and pushed him! Don was caught completely off guard. He lost his balance and fell backward into the tree. Ornaments and flocked snow went flying everywhere. We were flabbergasted to say the least! (Don was also mad as hell.)

To this day, Chase cannot give us an answer as to why he pushed his dad into the tree. Our angel child was temporarily possessed :) I do wish we would've had it on film. In those days, I could have sent it to America's Funniest Home Videos. I'm sure Bob Sagget would have loved narrating that moment in time.


Yes, we're all glad that the Christmas trees are down and the world can get back to normal.  Thanks DeeAnn for sharing!