Monday, January 9, 2012

As Seen On TV

I’ve always been fascinated by commercials on late-night tv advertising the latest “As Seen On TV” miracle product.  And by “miracle” I mean great big pile of ridiculousness.

I blog about this from time to time.  My most recent blog post examined the PedEgg, and the possible voodoo curses that could be performed with all those collected foot shavings.  That thing should come with a warning; voodoo is serious business.

Then there’s Colon Flow.

I’m not sure exactly why some one would willingly allow their colon to reach it’s maximum flow capacity, but I do know I would not be wearing all that white while using Colon Flow.

And of course, there’s Pajama Jeans.  Now, I love my jeans, and wear them everywhere except to court (something about competent representation) and weddings (something about not wanting to look like every one’s redneck cousin.)  But I also love yoga pants, and wear them pretty much anytime I can get away with not wearing jeans.  Now, with the aid of Pajama Jeans, I’LL NEVER NEED TO CHANGE MY PANTS AGAIN!!!

And don’t forget the Smart Mop!  Not only is it made from dead sham wows, but you can use the Smart Mop to wipe up a spilled soda, wring it out into an empty glass, and then DRINK THE SODA! Talk about efficient.  And delicious.

So... do you have a favorite “As Seen On TV” product?  Or one that makes you crack-up?  Any one actually OWN these things?  Tell us about it!  Email or link up below to share your story.  If you need some inspiration, check out the spreadable cheese page to see a few more of my favorite infomercials. This is funny stuff, people!