Monday, January 2, 2012

Cheesy Blogger Look Alikes!!

Happy 2012 fellow Cheesy Bloggers and Friends!
Miss Sarcasm here with this week's theme.  I hope everyone enjoyed many blessings this past holiday season.
If not, well hey.  Valentine's Day is coming up and hello?  Chocolate.

This week's theme is one I've been excited about doing for a while.  I'm hoping that you all enjoy it and are willing to play along.

We're going to play our very first blogger look alike game.

Let's start with the founders of Cheesy Bloggers.  You know?  The blog you're currently reading......

See Marianna?  Isn't she GORGEOUS?  Who do you think she looks like?
Personally, I think she looks kinda like Leah Remini, from King of Queens.  Remember that show?
SO pretty.

And now you guys?  I'm stumped. 

I can't figure out who Angela OR I look like.  

So there's part of what will be this week's two part challenge. 
 1. Please comment below who you think either Angela or I look like, and provide us with a link to a photo of that person.  
2. Then, if you'd like to particpate even more, please send us a pic of YOU to post at and we'll have our readers, plus Marianna, Angela, and I, tell you who we think your look alike is.  Sound like a plan?  Ready, set, go!

The beautiful Angela from Begging the Answer

Homely little ole' me: