Sunday, January 15, 2012

I hope you don't have a special shoveling method.

Who has a crazy neighbour?

I do! I do! 

Actually, *most* of my neighbours are nice, some are even super fun, but there are inevitable quirks that show up from time to time.  Obsessive compulsive behaviours, for example. 

Last week we got a shit-ton of snow.  Not as much as we're used to up here in the Great White North, but still.  It all came at once.  In one giant dumping on Thursday morning.  The whole sky was white with big fluffy flakes falling at a rapid pace.  I thought it was nuclear winter.

Anyway,  it was falling so fast that there was really no point in shovelling it.  Unless you're crazy.

I was getting ready for work and I pointed out to Hubby the funny neighbour across the street, shovelling away.  Only, the whole driveway was already covered in another layer of snow by the time she got to the end. 

And of course I thought this was HILARIOUS. 

But then Hubby made it even funnier. 

Hubby: "Oh my god. No.  Keep watching.  Watch what she does."

Me:  "Really?  What?"

Hubby: "Just watch."

And I watched, from behind the bedroom curtain my window, while nutbar across the street finished the end of the driveway.  AND THEN STARTED OVER AGAIN. 

She just started at the top.  Again.   

Me: "No!"

Hubby: "She does that all the time!  Watch!  She even has a special method."

Yep.  She sure did.  She first shovelled down a layer, and then over.  And then down, and over.  And so on, until the whole giant driveway was RE-shoveled. 

Which was clearly the funniest thing I'd seen in weeks. 

So I obviously ran downstairs to take a picture.  Obviously. 

I love my neighbours.  But man, sometimes people are nuts. 


Have you got a crazy neighbour story?  Email it to  and I'll post it here for all of us to enjoy. 

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