Monday, February 13, 2012

Nothing like a good ol' goat boob bite

Our adorable and hilarious friend Sherilin from Laughing My Abs Off has shared some wicked vacation photos - as well as a goat boob biting video.  Because she loves me and wants to help me feel better, as requested in my previous post.  What about the rest of you?  If you care about me AT ALL, send some fun stuff to  I know you wanna...


The Signs Are Everywhere

we were just on vacation for 5 days & i noticed some entertaining signs that i felt the need to photograph. i will now share them with you.

this was in the window of a dog clothing store.

this makes me happy.

the path was seriously bumpy due to the roots below. like an amusement park ride for children riding in strollers.

okay, it's not that funny unless you read it like a sentence. i want to know what the plastic ever did to the cans to get trashed like that. and was it trash talking? trash throwing?

i like to think of this as a grammar problem like we see so much of in tennessee. they tried to have pride, but they done forgot the S.

shocking that this place is out of business.

okay, so this wasn't a sign, it was a stool in an ice cream shop, but how random & funny is that to sit on?

if you're old enough to read that warning, you're probably old enough to know that it's not a fruity beverage.

there was also a truck that i didn't quite manage to get a picture of, but on the back was written "just consumated." and on the side window it said, "i just got laid." it was parked outside a cabin in our resort for several days & never seemed to move, so i'm guessing that truck window was telling the truth.

here's a short video i made at the zoo. i was trying to get a cute little clip of brooke brushing a friendly little goatie guy, but mr goat had other plans when i crouched down to pet him. and this was right after i'd had another goat nuzzling & licking my toes. i don't know what was up with the petting zoo, but it was certainly memorable.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I went on "vacation"

In case y'all haven't yet read my personal blog, you should know that Hubby and I went on “vacation” last week. 

To make a long story short, the vacation was fun, until Hubby got violently ill and we spent three days in a foreign hospital and I had to take care of everything and nobody spoke English, including Hubby who was speaking in tongues, and I cried like 10 times and I spent more than $500 in cell phone roaming charges and we missed our flight and I had to rebook everything and we don’t have any money and our suitcases were wet and smelly, and then I got sick myself and had to take two days off work because I was barfing like a drunken sailor and even though Hubby's mostly better now, he's contracted what appears to be the common cold and now *he’s* being the whiny baby and it sucks.


Despite all of this, there were several fun parts of our holiday, including this spectacular view walking down the beach:

Which brings me to the current Cheesy Blogger theme:  vacation photos. 

Given my shit-show (literally) of a holiday, I would very much like to laugh at the misfortune of others.  Please and thank you. 

So please send me your funny and/or ridiculous vacation stories or photos so I can feel better about myself, as well as spread the cheesy fun - which IS what the eff we do around here.  It's our whole purpose in life, actually.  And it relies entirely on your active participation. 

Email me at and get sharing! Don't be stingy, now. 

Also, check out this collection of Spreadable Cheese for some other great vacation-related antics. 

-Marianna Annadanna