Monday, March 12, 2012

Amusing Athletics. Or Is That Embarrassing Exercise? Whatever.

Hi, Angela@BeggingTheAnswer here with our next theme: Gym, Sports, and Exercise.

It seems like whenever I reminisce or complain on my own blog about some past gym-class folly, plenty of people join in with stories of their own.  And I have plenty myself.  I failed high-school bowling. I have post-traumatic-stress-disorder regarding dodgeball.  But those exploits didn't end after I graduated high-school and mandatory gym-class. I recently had my admittedly-large personal bubble invaded by an over-enthusiastic Zumba instructor.

And I know I'm not alone.

What gym-class or sports exploits have you experienced?  Any entertaining failures or amusing injuries?  Or were you a rock-star when it came to sports? Change into your P.E. clothes and let us know!  Link up below or email to have your post featured on our main page! Or DM us on twitter @ChessyBloggers.  GO!