Friday, March 23, 2012



Almost one year ago when the three of us started this little cheesy blog, we had one original idea - one initial concept that united us forever and ever.


Some of you may even remember those original tweets.  We were going to get together.  And we were going to EAT CHEESE. And we're sure you know how amazing it is to find your long-lost blogger soul-mates on the interwebs - and surely you have thought: my god I'd love to hang out with these people. 

Well now, NOW, the day has finally arrived.

Seriously.  No joke.  Cross our hearts.  Pinky friggin swear. 

We have officially booked The Palmer House hotel in Chicago, Illinois.  Four double rooms.  Each with TWO bathrooms.  RIGHT DOWNTOWN one block from Millennium Park.   There is room for everyone, and any of our followers is welcome.  If we get more than 8 cheesers wanting to come?  We'll book MORE ROOMS!

You will have two - COUNT 'EM, TWO - nights of freedom.  Two nights replacing your crazy family with your crazy blogger friends.  Two nights to eat and drink and sing and dance and laugh and of course tour one of the most wicked-ass cities known to all humanity. 

Two mornings to SLEEP IN.  Two mornings to eat cookies and cheese for breakfast and wash it down with beer.  Two mornings to not wake up to the sound of babies crying, rather wake up to the sound of your fellow bloggers puking laughing in the next room. 

You CANNOT miss this, you guys.  This will seriously be the most fun you've had in years.   (Except for that time you peed on the hobo in Vegas - that was unique, right Carmen?) 

There will be junk food.  There will be flashback 90s music.  There will be beer and cheese (neither of which will be force-fed, but are highly encouraged).  There will probably be enough Xanex to last us at least a couple weeks.  THERE WILL BE CHEESY GIFT BAGS courtesy of the lovely founders of this blog.

If you miss this, you will surely regret it forevermore. Don't make us send you postcards from Chicago to taunt your asses for not being there.  Cuz we totally will.

We've outlined all the details on our Blogger Getaway page, HERE

And if you've never been to Chicago, you can check our Marianna Annadanna's "Chicago Dos and Don'ts" HERE.  And if you want to see how Miss Sarcasm takes on Chicago (and the poor hobos that will inevitably be robbed blind by her and her ignorance) read HERE and HERE.


This is the real thing! We are totally going, with or without you.  But we don't want to go without you!  Without you, nobody will be there to tweet pictures of all the back-asswards shit we do.  You've simply gotta come!

Shall we tempt you with hotel photos?  OH YES WE SHALL.

Indoor pool. This just screams, drunken fully-clothed cannonball to Miss Sarcasm.

Double beds, double bathrooms. Room for Twister?

Lobby Bar.  For immediate check in hydration.

More bar.  More hydration.


BAR.  Seriously.  How classy does this place look?  

LOUNGE.  I can taste martinis just LOOKING at it.

LOBBY.  Plenty of room for somersaults and making fun of strangers.....  I mean, proper, mature behavior.

What are you waiting for?
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