Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daddy, you'd better sleep with one eye open.

Well, it's Marianna Annadanna here with this week's cheesy theme! 

Given that my uterus is screaming at me to grow something inside it, I would really like to hear some random child stories! Are your kids weird? Of course they are.  All kids are weird.  That's what makes them normal.  Just like the rest of us. 

Send your weird kids stories to and I'll post them!  Or tweet me a link @CheesyBloggers. 

To kick things off, we've got this adorable post from our dear friend The Robot Mommy.  You should all go read her super smart stuff.  She's a total genius, and obviously a Freudian expert.  (Freak!)


20120225-001030.jpgWhen I went to my little educational forum and took my early childhood education classes, I listened, I took notes, I absorbed. I was particularly interested in the Freudian psychosexual phases of life. You know what I mean; the oral, the anal, the phallic. That last one is where Conner lives right now.

Last Friday, that phase become a reality in my home. Well played, Sigmund.

Mommy, here's a present. And I'm going to marry you.

Hello, Oedipus...

Now, I'm not going to lie. I've lost quite a bit of that particular knowledge. The biggest reason is because I don't teach anymore. If you don't use it, blah blah blahity blah.

Oh but I remember the Oedipus complex. How could I forget? The first time a boy falls in love and it's with his mommy. Better yet, he's super jealous of his daddy. Actually the way the story goes Oedipus loves his mother and kills his father to be with her. Somewhere in there, he becomes king. Ego awesome although creepy.

The phase itself though is completely normal. As long as it goes away.

Considering my current situation, I'm frustrated knowing how to handle it only from a teacher's perspective not a parent's! Scratch that, not a mommy's!!

I didn't panic...much. I didn't really react. In fact, I ignored it. The first time he said it. I held onto hope that it would just be a one time "cute" sorta random thing.

Then this happened...

Mommy, take off your rings.

Why, honey?

Because I don't want you wearing them anymore

But I can't. Daddy gave them to me and we are married so I can't. I made a promise to him.

I don't like them. Wear them over here.  ---pointing at my other hand.

Sweetie, I'm not going to do that. I wear the rings on this finger as a promise to love your daddy forever. It means a lot to me.

I don't like you, mom. You aren't nice.

Joy and rapture!! Maybe it was enough to nip the O.C. in the bud.


He proceeded to tell daddy that I was going to marry him and "Sorry, Daddy" and such. He went as far as creating alternate mommies and daddies like us but different. These parents play baseball, marry him and then die. In that order.

I'm really hoping that this phase is not one that creates tantrums or too many yucky words with daddy or more imaginary dead parents. I'm thrilled he is discovering and learning about people and relationships. It is such a huge part of his growth. He's growing up so fast before my eyes.

Soon it'll be discussions about his own wedding. And I'm not ready for that yet either.



Thank you chickie for sharing this disturbing story. 

Kidding!  I love it.  Although I think your hubby should sleep with one eye open. 

As for the rest of you, got anything equally funny/weird?  SEND IT


  1. Excellent!! Thanks for having me. I love creepiness. And cheese

    1. Creepiness and cheese basically go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Creepiness and cheese basically go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing!

  2. this makes me slightly glad i have no sons! do girls fall in love with their daddies? i don't think mine ever has. nor do i remember falling in love with mine. just my dog from when i was a kid. and that's a whole different story...

    1. I know, right? Sons must be extra weird.
      I want to hear the dog story!

    2. here's a post where i mention the dog story. actually, it was one of my first posts, so it's a bit spastic and random. maybe i should grab a few of those stories and rewrite them into their own posts.

    3. i forgot to include the link. duh.

  3. Wow... maybe I'm not ready to have kids yet. I don't think I would handle that as graciously as the Robot Mommy has. Good job, girl. I pray you get the wisdom you need to nip this O.C. or the patience to wait for it to pass.

  4. Roflmao. When my eldest told my mom that he was going to marry me when he grew up. He was three maybe. He said this until he started Kindergarten. It's a phase.

    1. SO she's not the only one?! I guess that's good...