Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was supposed to be in charge of the new theme LAST WEEK.
I was supposed to post this TEN DAYS AGO.

What happened, you ask?
I full-on, totally and completely, utterly and wholly forgot.
I dropped the ball. Or dropped the blog, I should say.

Normally I'm really, really good at juggling a million things without forgetting one.

Not lately.
Maybe it's a symptom of my mid-thirties.
Maybe it's a sign I need to slow down and organize my life. Maybe let some things go on the back burner. Maybe it's a sign of early onset dementia. Oh my dear hypochondria, of course you'd say that....

Whatever the reason, this is not the only time I've forgotten something.

Like, the time I parked at the Post Office, got out of my car, walked to the door and realized, Oh fuck.  THIS isn't the bank.  Why am I here?

Or the time I walked into an important meeting almost 20 minutes late because I simply forgot about it.  And got to do the walk of shame into the room in front of everyone.

Or the time I left the bath water in the tub all night after Wee One's bath...the time I put the milk in the cupboard....the time Facebook  had to remind me of my own mother's birthday....

There are many, many instances of forgetting that I could share but I'm sure I'm forgetting them.

Do YOU have any great stories of forgetfulness?  Share them with us.
Email us at  We'd love to feature your post this week.

Unless I forget to check my email/post your piece/forget the theme/forget to breathe and blink.....