Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Boy Band Phenomenon: Cheesy at its Finest

It seems that most all of the teenage/adolescent/prepubescent girls I know these days are freaking obsessed with this new boy band called One Direction.  Have you heard of them or seen them y'all?  Watch the video for a quick peek:

Girls have their hormones all in a tizzy over this international band of young boys with skinny jeans and weird hair and as much as I shake my head and *tisk tisk* at their silliness, it totes reminds me of myself at their age when my world revolved around a REAL boy band.....


I was a 13 year old girl obsessed.  On fire.  Infatuated with all of them and their music, but most especially, with Jordan Knight.  And can I just add something right now that supports my early assessment of his hotness?  He's still mothereffing hot.  MORE SO today than back then.  Evidence:

NKOTB was my very first live concert.  They replaced the Corey Haim and Bon Jovi posters on my walls. I cried to all their songs and videos.  I was RIDICULOUS you guys.  Embarrassingly ridiculous.

To me they were the boy band to define the genre.

But there were more to come....

I recall my college years when boy bands such as the Back Street Boys and 'NSYNC were super popular.  I was old enough then not to be swept up by their boyish looks and melodies but my younger relatives weren't so immune.
Are Timberlake's pants really unbuttoned here?  Badass.
The wonder that is the boy band concept has been around for a very long time.  The past decade or so I had thought it fizzled out...until this One Direction kick has fired it back up.

So tell me cheesy friends, did you ever have a boy band crush/obsession?  DO TELL.
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