Monday, April 9, 2012

Project Chicago

Well hello again! 

No, this #CheesyChicago thing is totally not going away. It’s real you guys, and its TREMENDOUS!  We can barely contain our excitement around here.


Some of you remarkable and fearless gals have already expressed interest in joining us for our cheesy blogger “conference” (aka pizza and beer fest) in Chicago (described HERE). Because you’re super wonderful and wicked cool.

Some others want to come, but have pesky commitments like their children’s birthdays and weddings and graduations and some such nonsense.

But for those of you who are seriously considering tagging along for this KICK ASS retreat, we’ve determined that airlines are assholes and flights cost a lot of money.

Also, and more importantly, we’ve come to realize how much the opportunity for this trip means to some of us who really, really, really, really NEED A BREAK. Not to mention how liberating/hilarious it is to meet up with other cheeky bloggers like us.

This trip has become a motivation for bloggers everywhere to indulge in something FUN for once.

So, inspired by Miss LACE’s post, here is what we’re trying to do:


GOAL: To make it easier for y’all to join us!  And to support blogger gals all over North America in their dream to break free from the confines of everyday life and TAKE ON CHICAGO!

First, we’ve secured a deal for our Friday dinner in Chi Town. Our Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Uno Due will only cost $18 per person, with taxes and tip INCLUDED.  We'll get unlimited soda and salad, deep dish pizzas, and CHEESECAKE desert.  Hee yaw!  For an $15 extra per person, we can get beer and wine.  BEER AND WINE, people

Second, we’ve designed all this friggin WICKED swag in our Cheesy Blogger Store.  If you can’t make it to our amazing adventure, consider buying yourself a gift to: a) remind you how you simply must partake next time!; and, b) provide a little boost for others who might not be able to afford it.   All the proceeds will be pooled to support hotel costs.

And by the way, if you commit to our trip now, this week, before Saturday, Miss Sarcasm claims she will BUY YOU one of these REMARKABLE tshirts.  Seriously.  It's like a FREE GIFT or something.  She's generous, yo.  (I mean, there's probably a limit or something, maybe the first 5 people, but still... she's at least a little generous.) 
We're also checking into some sponsors, and whatever else we can get our hands on to make this whole thing a bit more affordable.  Because it's more than just a trip - it's an OPPORTUNITY.