Monday, May 28, 2012

Operation Play MORE

Hey Cheesers!  Miss Sarcasm here with our newest theme:  Playing.  See my original post on this topic here.

I had a realization a few days ago.  An epiphany, if you will.

 I don't play anymore.  

When did I stop playing?  When did I stop running through the rain and playing Ghost in the Graveyard and doing barefoot cartwheels in the neighbors' lawns?  When did I go from playful and lively and young, to tired and boring and jaded?
I may be 34 years old.  I may be a momma and wife and full time employee.  But I'm also a girl.  A girl who used to grab life by the balls and run frantically whenever someone yelled, "it's the cops! Play it cool!" whilst jumping fences and hiding in closets.  I miss that girl.  I miss being carefree and de-stressed and vivacious.
So I did what most normal people do and I took to the Twitter.  #operationplaymore was born.  I'm on day 3 of Operation Play More and I have accomplished the following so far:
1. Swinging as high as I can on a swing set.  High enough to get that tickly tummy feeling that makes you laugh out loud.  It was awesome!2.  Playing on a playground going up and down slides.3.  Swimming in a pool and floating in a pool for hours. 4.  Tree climbing.  That's hard stuff there y'all.  I'll have to keep practicing.5.  Re-mastering the sommersault.  So. Much. Fun.  It seems scary at first, but trust me.  Just fling yourself the fuck over and go for it.  Protect your neck though.  We're not getting any younger.  Tuck and roll baby. 6.  Re-mastering the running man.7.  Online karaoke.  Sober too. 

All this playing in just three days.  And I've noticed something you guys.  I feel....lighter.  I'm smiling more.  And I'm not even drunk or medicated.  I'm just feeling more...dare I say it.... carefree and immature. 

Feels effing good.

Up next?  Jumping in a lake fully clothed.  Flying a kite.  Pulling the bike out.  Maybe some middle of the night trespassing and star-gazing....

So join me, will you?  Link up below and become a part of Operation Play More.  Because life is hard.  Life can suck.  Being a grown up can be a HUGE fucking bummer.  We need to play more y'all.  Hard.

Take pics, videos, write posts, tweet it up (#operationplaymore). 
What are you doing to PLAY MORE??

If you have a great story about playing, send it to us at so we can showcase your piece here for our current theme.