Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do you people not READ?

Do you people not read during the summer, or what?  Seems like you must have a reading-related post to share with us, no?  Even some commentary on 50 Shades of Grey or some such nonsense?

In any case, we've pulled from the archives for one of Marianna Annadanna's past posts.  We're sure you'll thoroughly enjoy it. 

And if you have a "reading" post of your own, email and we'll post it. 


Tina Fey May Save Your Life. 

So.  In the wake of the last few days' pathetic little reality check, I feel a bit better today. 

It truly is #HappyISuckLessThanYesterdayDay (Thank you Miss Jenny, The Bloggess and master of all things interwebs.) 

I even woke up on my own accord, and yes, I even got out of bed. 

Then I went to one of my most favourite happy places - my back deck in the morning - and sat in the sun for a couple of hours.  I soaked up the rays (sprayed with sunscreen thankyouverymuch) and listened to a squirrel scream weird noises in what I can only assume was part of a freaky deaky mating dance.  (Either that or he was mad that I ate his peanuts.)

Then I ate a kiwi and four two slices of cinnamon toast.  And I rolled up my pajama pants too far up my thighs until they cut of the circulation to my lower legs, and parked myself in the patio chair, leaning back until my ass went numb.   

And then I finished my book.  Not a book I wrote, a book I read. 

Bossypants, by Tina Fey. 

Tiny Fey's new biography-style collection that every single one of you should read.

My friend lent it to me.  She said I HAVE to read it - it will save my life.  Then she said she may have over-sold it. 

Turns out, she was nearly spot-on.  I'm not sure if Tina Fey saved my life, but she certainly did improve it. 

She writes in a similar style to all the great blogs I read.  Short and clever, funny and sarcastic, light but meaningful.  Pure gold. 

Tina highlighted all her best stories... From being a quirky drama-kid during childhood, to doing improv with Amy Poehler (and other geniuses) at Chicago's Second City, to becoming head writer and star of Saturday Night Live, and then producing, writing, and lead acting in her show 30 Rock. 

"I can see Russia from my how-se"

Not to mention, offering several words of wisdom for attempting motherhood, working in a Dick Pickle-dominated universe, and generally surviving day-to-day life.

I've always loved Tina Fey.  Hilarious and smart and one of those self-made women we all wish we could be.  Impressive.  And even though I dislike Lindsey Lohan, Mean Girls was genius.  And Baby Mama was an effing riot. 

So, thanks Tina.  You are my newest hero. 

PS - I wish you were on Twitter.