Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WANTED. Hotpants McGee.

You guys. 

Miss Sarcasm BAILED. 

It's totally her turn to post on Cheesy Bloggers this week, and she COMPLETELY BAILED. 


Last seen in a sparkly shirt at a restaurant in Cheesy Chicago (shown above), she has apparently taken off on some sort of crime spree.  Or a drunken rant. Or a vacation.  Or something. 

And Hotpants?  Hear me now.  If you think Ang and I are gonna tolerate that shit, you are SADLY FUCKING MISTAKEN.  No way, Jose.  Not a goddam chance. 

So.  We're putting out the call to arms.  I intend to track you down.  I intend to find you, and chase you, and knock you down on the ground.  Then I may or may not tickle you to death.

In fact, I intend to lure you out of hiding...

And I need the help of our loyal readers. 

PEOPLE.   Send me your hilarious, embarrassing, ridiculous, or otherwise attention-grabbing captions for my WANTED poster.  And I bet we can get that little brat to come to us. 

WANTED for...
Miss "nickname" Sarcasm

Leave your caption in the comments, or email it to CheesyBloggers@gmail.com

Your captions will bring her out of hiding.  Hotpants McGee cannot avoid something funny for very long.  She will emerge.  It's only a matter of time...