Sunday, August 12, 2012

Silver Medal Mottos

Friday night I was wandering around the twitter, and I came across an article.  The article claimed that competitors prefer to win a bronze medal than a silver medal. 

Now  Having never won any type of medal myself, I can't claim to be an expert. But this makes complete sense to me. 

A bronze medal means you made the top three.  At least you weren't fourth.  A silver medal, alternatively, means that you JUST missed the top spot.  You could have been a champ, but you weren't quite good enough. 

This obviously brought on a hilarious tweet fit between myself and Miss Laura Anne @LA_theGirl

First, Laura Anne said:

They should add the phrase "mckayla is not impressed" to the silver medal.    

To which I laughed and replied:

Or "FAIL."

And then it started.  Laura Anne and I went back and forth for far too long, quoting what we thought were appropriate Silver Medal Mottos.

@LA_theGirl:  "Maybe next time?"

@SnappySurprise: "Hope that wasn't your last chance."

@LA_theGirl: "Not pictured on Wheaties."

@SnappySurprise: "Lucky, since I don't know my national anthem."

@LA_theGirl: "It could be worse."

@SnappySurprise: "Just pretend it's white gold." 

@LA_theGirl:  "Filing an enquiry." 

@SnappySurprise: "You were probably on drugs anyway."

@LA_theGirl:  "Dear 3rd place, Sucka!"

@SnappySurprise: "My cat could do that better." 

@LA_theGirl:  "Almost!"

@SnappySurprise: "First is the worst. Second is the best. Third is the one with the hairy chest."

@LA_theGirl:  "Cheated ---->" (points at gold)

And that was it  That was the winning Silver Medal Motto, right there.  Because all I could do was imagine some amazingly impressive, muscular, world record holding Olympic champion, standing on the podium, silver medal hanging around his neck... with eyebrows raised and thumb pointing over at the one person who beat him, and a thinking bubble floating above his head:  Cheated ---->. 

And then I laughed for five minutes. 

Thanks Laura Anne.  I now adore you.  I don't mind conceding defeat to the master.  Although you probably cheated.