Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football is the Fifth Season

Hey cheesers!
It's Miss Sarcasm here with the latest cheesy theme : Football Season!

Football is pretty big here in the states.  I'm talking American football.  Not soccer.  Cuz that makes me think about David Beckham...
 Oh.  Hey there hot stuff.  How YOU doin?

Wait,  What were we talking about?

Oh.  Football.

American football.


College football, high school football, NFL level football.... hell even Pee Wee toddler football seems to be a thing anymore.

We love our football.  Why?  Because it's a great, exciting sport to watch AND because football viewing involves necessities we all love:  beer, couches, friends, comfy clothes, and food.  Lots of food.

My life has been pretty much steeped and marinated in football.

My dad is a hardcore football fan and watches all the games.

I met the Hubby over 17 years ago when he was a football player in high school.  I was in marching band and flags corp.  We hit it off immediately.  Soul mates probably, if you will.  I was proud to be dating a hot football player.  He was lucky to have a girlfriend.  He let me wear his jersey and letter jacket.  I let him try out my vagina and make kids with me.  Fair trade.

I went to college at a Big 10 university known for it's football culture and dedicated fans.  I loved everything about my four years there, especially the game days and atmosphere surrounding everything college football. Aka, tailgating.  Aka, beer and partying.

I live in a community where high school football is a SUPER important tradition.  We have an amazingly talented football team year after year.  An award winning football program.  Friday nights under the lights of a football field are the happening thing this time of year.

I'd watch The Blind Side and Remember the Titans every single day if I could.

Don't get me started on Super Bowl parties..... just let me say one thing about them:

Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Not even joking you guys.

BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP with crackers.  Or poured straight down my throat.
Recipe here: 

I use WAY less hot sauce, by the way.  Because I'm a spice wimp.  And way MORE cheese.  Cuz hello?  CHEESE.

Which brings me to what I'd like to know from you all, cheesy friends.  I'd love to hear stories about your favorite teams, a favorite game, favorite rivalry, interesting football story.... and your favorite football game day snacks.  Recipes y'all.  Basically, I want recipes.

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