Be a guest poster!

Want to submit a guest post to the Cheesy Blogger main page? You'll gain fame, fortune, and you might become the emperor or empress of the blogging universe! WHO KNOWS?

Here's how you do it:

1) Follow our blog! And make sure your blog link is in your profile. That way we'll know who you are, and we'll add your lovely link to our blogroll for others to enjoy.

2) Take a look at this week's writing prompt, which is on our home page. Or, you could submit a post on the topic of your choice. Either way, email the html for an original post or a post from your archives to and we'll be in touch.

3) As you know, we're all about caring and sharing. So, if and when your post is published on our site and yours, we'll link to each other. It's simply the logical thing to do. Something along the lines of, "This post also appears at Cheesy Bloggers" should suffice.

That's it! You may now wallow in the accolades brought on by your awesome guest post.

You're welcome.