Who are we?

We are Marianna Annadanna, SarcasmInAction, and Angela, founders of the Cheesy Blogger movement.

Marianna blogs at Snappy Surprise. She hails from the Great White North and loves chocolate and late-night dance parties in her living room. She doesn't have kids, but her Hubby and cats are just as much work. Probably.

SarcasmInAction blogs at Musings of a Sarcastic Mind. Like Marianna, she loves cats. She is also a mother, wife, part time wino, Dorito fanatic, zombie "expert," David Beckham stalker, and blogger extraordinaire.

Angela blogs at Begging The Answer. She is a mother of two children three and under, so she has no hobbies, save blogging. Unlike Marianna and Miss Sarcasm, Angela has zero cats, although she did meet a cat one time.

And we are Cheesy Bloggers.

It all started with a Twitter conversation involving a shared love of cheese, beer, and traveling, where we realized that we have much more in common than all these things.

We are all smart-ass bloggers. Humor bloggers. Life bloggers. Because life is tough. Humor helps. And we wanted a place to belong.

So if you’re clever, witty, sarcastic, or want to meet others who are, chances are you’re a little bit cheesy. A cheesy blogger.

So follow us. Link up. Comment, send us a message, and play along. Take this glorious opportunity to engage in what will be known from here-on-out as the world's most influential international cheese movement.

Join us, won't you?